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Page 01 - History of Heidelberg High School and a picture of the school.

Page 02 - Intro page to the Administration

Faculty and Staff

Page 03 - Pictured:  Col. Lloyd, Col. Gruhn, Major Butler, Mr. Evans,
                    Mr. Easterly, and Miss Linck

Page 04 - Pictured:  Lorna Borchard, Mary Gregory, Conrad
                    Goldhagen, Jim Hagler, and Lorraine Henricks

Page 05 - Pictured:  Hilgenberg, Dorothy Kay, Merritt Jenison,
                    Dorothy Keefe, and Hildegard Laessig

Page 06 -  Pictured:  William Lee, Rosmarie Obrecht, Anne
                    McDaniel, Marjorie Parcells, and Horst Reimann

Page 07 - Mary Rosen, Clifford Sargent, Charlotte Sandler,
                    Marybel Walsh, and Alice Watson

Senior Portraits - Class of 1950

Page 08 - Sketch introducing the senior's section

Page 09 - History of the class of 1950 and pictures of the class
                    officers:  Jack Keim, Ray White, Barbie Snoad, and Jo

Page 10 - Pictured:  George Barth, Jan Bell, Thomas Benson,
                    Bruce Bergham, Robert Chanault, and Georgia Clymer

Page 11 - Pictured:  Colleen Doherty, Douglas Dwyre, Thomas
                    Edgar, Wesley Etter, Al Ferree, and Charles Flynn

Page 12 - Pictured:  Norman Frederickson, Allen Gunn,
                    Ann Houghton, Mary Lou Kastner, Jim Kirkpatrick,
                    and Jean Kirkpatrick

Page 13 - Pictured:  Larry Knapp, Fitz Lee, Barbara Johnson,
                    Iris Leske, and Sylvia Maddox

Page 14 - Pictured:  Shirley Massingill, Allen McKimmey, 
                    Grover Maurer, Patricia McInerney, & Sonya Minnick

Page 15 - Pictured:  Joanne Seals, Ann Walker, Betty Taylor,
                    Bonnie Walker, and Thomas "Clagett" Wood

Page 16 - Senior Class Prophecy

Junior Portraits - Class of 1951

Page 17 - History of the class of 1951 and pictures of the Junior
                    class officers:  Harry Johnson, John Wood, Mitzi
                    Knapp, and James Lollis

Page 18 - Pictured:  Joan Allen, John Baker, Catherine Bennett,
                    Vivian Bouldin, Ann Bragen, Lethe Brock, Jack Carson,
                    Ann Cooney, Allen Cunningham, Harold Davenport,
                    Joan Evans, John Farmer, Barbara Fenton, Dorothy
                    Fischer, Stephen Hamilton, Joan Hardick, Carolyn
                    Hasten, Jonathan Hauck, and Marvin Hays

Page 19 - Pictured:  Phoebe Johnson, Helen Jordan, Orrin Lee,
                    Stan Lowe, Peter Malone, Jack Maxwell, Austin
                    Miller, Charles Minck, Penelope Paul, Nancy Penz,
                    George Richardson, Nancy Rogers, Lorraine Rosado,
                    Patricia Ruthaford, and Norman Schwarzkopf

Page 20 - Pictured:  Fay Shackelford, Dorothy Shephard,
                    Marilyn Strauss, Joseph Tisdell, Jean Vores, Joan
                    Wauchope, Diane Webb, Chester Welch, Jean White,
                    Edward Wiley, Carol Wilson, Charles Wittmaack,
                    Carl Young, Robert Young, and Richard Zwicker

Sophomore Portraits - Class of 1952

Page 21 - History of the class of 1952 and pictures of the class
                    officers:  Bill Aldrup, Roland Shick, Marion Lee, and
                    Bill Duryea

Page 22 - Pictured:  Margaret Allwine, Patricia Allwine,
                    James Baker, Robert Bacher, Joan Benson, Mary
                    Bright, Merle Bright, Jeanne Brown, Jackson Burkett,
                    Karl Carter, Mike Clower, Rose De Gregorio,
                    Ann Edgar, and Mary Fillinger

Page 23 - Pictured:  Josephine Ferree, Bill Goodwin, Thomas
                    Gruhn, Barbara Gausditis, Jim Gunther, Jim
                    Hockenberry, Will Horn, Leslie Howell, George Kastner,
                    Herbert Luttgens, Barbara Melzer, Geraldine Mauer,
                    Shirley Olesen, James Radcliff, and John Ream

Page 24 - Pictured:  Jimmy Roper, Bill Russell, David Schamber,
                    Marjorie Schantz, Bill Schilletter, Edward Self, Joyce
                    Smith, Kirk Stanley, Bob Springer, Willis Teale,
                    Shirley Valentine, Bob Vernon, Vera Virant, Barbara
                    white, and Thomas Wood

Freshmen - Class of 1953

Page 25 - History of the class of 1953 and a group picture of

Page 26 - Group picture of the rest of the freshmen

Page 27 - Pictures of the freshmen officers:  Dick Walker, David
                    Watson, Betsy McGill, and Sue Carpenter

Eighth Graders - Class of 1954

Page 28 - History of the class of 1954 and group picture of the

Seventh Graders - Class of 1955

Page 29 - History of the class of 1955

Page 30 - Group photos of the class of 1955

Page 31 - Info on the P.T.A. and the School Board

School Life

Page 32 - Sketch

Page 33 - Group picture of the Football Team and information
                    on their season

Page 34 - Pictures of football games

Page 35 - Group picture of the Basketball Team and info on
                    their season.

Page 36 - Pictures of the H-Club and the Cheerleaders

Page 37 - Info on the Girls' Dorm and a picture of Butch
                    Hastens, Jo-Jo Clymer, Bonnie Walker, Margie
                    Stephens, and Joanne Seals

Page 38 - Miscellaneous photos of girls hanging out in the

Page 39 - Information on the Boys' Dorm

Page 40 - Miscellaneous photos of boys hanging out in the

Page 41 - Pictures of the Student Prints Staff and the
                    Annual Staff

Page 42 - Picture and information on the Student Council

Page 43 - Picture and information on the Pentagram Club

Page 44 - Information on the Teen-age Club and photos

Page 45 - Information and photo of the Dad's Club

Page 46 - Picture taken at the football banquet and
                    picture of the Office Staff

Page 47 - Miscellaneous photos of students hanging out

Page 48 - Miscellaneous photos of students hanging out

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