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Page 01 - Lovely picture of a scene in Heidelberg.

Page 02 - Explanation of the yearbooks' theme and picture of MTV.

Page 03 - Another beautiful picture of a gateway in Heidelberg.

Administration and Faculty

Page 04 - Pictures of Col. McNair, Lt. Col. Doyle, Principal Lohela,
                    Mr. Condley, and Mrs. Burks.

Page 05 - Pictures of Miss Bach, Miss Bean, Miss Brosius, Mr.
                    Caligiuri, and Mrs. Carroll.

Page 06 - Pictures of Mrs. Condley, Mr. Coyne, Dr. Deters, Mr. Dolf,
                    and Mr. Dresser.

Page 07 - Pictures of Mr. Folino, Miss Frazer, Mrs. Gallavan, Miss
                    Gilmore, and Mr. Goldhagen.

Page 08 - Pictures of Mrs. Landes, Mr. Lee, Mrs. Mead, Miss Nash,
                    and Miss Nelson.

Page 09 - Pictures of Miss Griffiths, Miss Hightower, Mr. Hille,
                    Miss Hiney, and Miss Kremble.

Page 10 - Pictures of Mr. Neuman, Mrs. Pflueger, Miss Pohly, Miss
                    Rankin, and Miss Ray.

Page 11 - Pictures of Mr. Rider, Mr. Ruppel, Frau Schauerte,
                    Mr. Stakkestad, and Miss Summers.

Page 12 - Pictures of Mr. Tierney, Miss Turrentine, Miss Wetts, Mrs.
                    Packard, and  Mrs. Ulbrich.

Page 13 - Picture of a scene in Heidelberg

Senior Portraits - Class of 1955

Page 14 - Pictures of the Senior class officers:  Stephen Johnson,
                    John Holsonback, Carl Green, and Anne Smith.  History
                    of the class of 1955.

Page 15 - Darlene Allen, Marlene Anderson, James Arthur, John
                    Barlow, and Dobbie Barth

Page 16 - Theresa Brissette, James Brown, Audrey Bush, Oakley
                    Cheney, and Virginia Curry

Page 17 - Mary Curtis, Richard Davis, Karin De Juhasz, Richard
                    Dicks, and Leigh DuPre'

Page 18 - Doris Eger, Donald Erlenkotter, Sue Felty, Shirley
                    Fladeland, and Seymour Gilman

Page 19 - Carl Green, Joanne Hall, Shirley Harwood, Robert
                    Hester, and Walter Hill

Page 20 - Elizabeth Hodder, Elizabeth Holmes. John Holsonback,
                    John Homer, and Allyn Houltry

Page 21 - Yvonne Houston, Marilyn Huffman, Mona Jackson,
                    Margaret Janas, and Noel Johnson

Page 22 - Stephen Johnson, Jerry Kembel, Elaine Koup, Walter
                    Lacy, and Marjorie LaFogg

Page 23 - Dale Langley, Marjorie Leidenheimer, Edward McDonald,
                    Richard McNear, and William Meder

Page 24 - Craig Morris, Mary Netterville, LaVonne Newman,
                    Elwyn Post, and Lawrence Remick

Page 25 - Mary Rhea, Patricia Ritter, Laurie Romans, Ruby Romans,
                    and Robert Sathmary

Page 26 - Elizabeth Schneider, Anne Smith, Eleanor Smith, Mark
                    Smith, and Carolyn Storke

Page 27 - Myrna Thornton, Ginger Thrash, Constance Winterstein,
                    and Robert Youngblood

Junior Portraits - Class of 1956

Page 28 - Picture of the Junior class officers:  Rudolph Bush,
                    Harry Bayless, Sylvia Cottingham, and William Coakley.
                    History of the class of 1956.

Page 29 - Charles Ackenbom, Dale Ballard, Larry Banks, Donald
                    Bates, Harry Bayless, Maureen Bensak, Gene Bippus,
                    Cherri Bowers, Beverly Brooks, Anne Brown, Leo
                    Bryant, Rudolph Bush, Theodore Cannon, Lynne
                    Cantrill, Jean Carson, and Carol Cheney

Page 30 - William Coakley, Joe Cochran, Jay Conrad, Sylvia
                    Cottingham, Larry Coulson, Carol Crews, Allan Delaney,
                    Dayna Downs, Carol Epperson, Michael Feller, Marie
                    Grider, Billie Guy, Grace Haefner, William Hardin, Leon
                    Hawkins, Alma Hinson, and Eleanor Hogan

Page 31 - Hildegarde Hoybach, Christopher Hughes, Fred
                    Kaeserman, Linda Kays, Charles Kerkering, Wiley Knott,
                    Terry Langley, Alan Libarci, John Leidenheimer, Paul
                    Macdonald, Gloria Mason, Joan Merworth, Donald
                    Magruder, Katherine McNair, Donald Murdza, Margaret
                    Noyes, and Brinn Ogilvie

Page 32 - Karen Peckham, Barbara Peterson, Lynda Potter, Nancy
                    Reardon, Sandra Reynolds, Shelia Rodier, Becky
                    Sadler, Peter Sordelet, Ray Staples, Barbara Steenken,
                    Ralph Strader, Constance Taylor, Martha Townes,
                    Robin Van Houten, Barbara White, and Daniel

Sophomore Portraits - Class of 1957

Page 33 - Pictures of the sophomore officers:  James Crews, Gary
                    Atteberry, Philip Hale, and Elizabeth Barlow.  History of
                    the class of '57.

Page 34 - Elaine Athens, Gary Atteberry, Patricia Baldwin,
                    Elizabeth Barlow, Katherine Barnes, Henry Becker,
                    Barbara Bell, Mary Black, Ralph Blackstock, Michael
                    BonDurant, Sally Berk, Stephanie Brodie, Judith Brose,
                    Mary Brown, Stephan Bullock, Judith Caldwell, Sam
                    Calhoun, Garie Candee, Shirley Cannon, Patricia
                    Carson, Annell Castelberry, & Jacqueline Chappell

Page 35 - Sylvester Chechourka, Shirley Clark, Barbara Clayton,
                    Edna Clements, Lewis Clements, Joy Colvin, James
                    Crews, Clifford Currier, Mary Donovan, Diane Doran,
                    Clyde Dubose, Dwight Easterly, Robert Feller,
                    Stephen Fisher, Richard Fladeland, Gary Foust, Mary
                    Fugh, Donna Gillett, Margaret Glover, Thomas
                    Greenfield, Thomas Gunther, and Phillip Hale

Page 36 - Marshall Hammer, John Hardin, Karen Heinlein, Alice
                    Hester, Penny Hill, Bill Hoagland, Kenneth Ishoy,
                    Sandra Johnson, Gwendolyn Jones, Constance Kolb,
                    Marilee Knott, Judith LaFogg, Sonia Lauren, Judith
                    Lawhon, Ula Lee, Anne Longley, Rita Madden, Mary
                    Magee, Muriel Magruder, Suzanne Mayronne, Betty
                    McAvoy, Nancy McNear, and Ruth Millheim

Page 37 - Deanna Moore, Sally Mudgett, William Mueller, Angela
                    Murphy, Robert Niccolis, Kenneth Ott, Sophie Patton,
                    Martha Pickel, Harry Pitchford, James Read, Ernest
                    Reed, James Richard, William Ritter, Sally Ruhlig,
                    Cynthia Satterfield, Bereta Schmitcke, Jean Scott,
                    Anita Schumann, Frances Shaw, Judy Shirley,
                    Barbara Siler, Judy Smith, and Edward Sparks

Page 38 - Donna Steele, Mary Steele, William Stockl, Larry Taylor,
                    Mary Thomas, Ann Thompson, Mary Thompson, Sharon
                    Tufte, Wayne Urban, Irma Ginkel, Nora Venters, Dale
                    Wade, Margaret Walker, Janice Warren, James Webb,
                    Janie Wells, Carole White, Charles White, Rodney
                    Wicklander, George Woods, Carol Wnukoski, and
                    Barbara Youngblood

Freshmen - Class of 1958

Page 39 - Freshman officers:  Charles Grant, Joan Dixon,
                    William McCormick, and Jerry Holsonback.  History of
                    the class of '58.

Page 40 - Homeroom pictures of the class of 1958

Page 41 - Homeroom pictures of the class of 1958

Page 42 - More Freshman group photos and picture of the new


Page 43 - Picture taken from the archway of the old bridge

Page 44 - Miscellaneous pictures taken of students during classes

Page 45 - Misc. pictures taken during a dance

Page 46 - Misc. pictures of students

Page 47 - Misc. pictures of students in classes and hanging around
                    the halls of the school

Page 48 - Pictures of the Annual staff.

Page 49 - Pictures of the National Honor Society and their sponsor.

Page 50 - Picture of the Student Council.

Page 51 - Pictures of the Student Prints staff.

Page 52 - Group picture of the Football Team and info on their

Page 53 - Misc. photos of the football team.

Page 54 - Individual pictures of the cheerleaders.

Page 55 - Group picture of the basketball team and information on
                    their season.

Page 56 - Misc. pictures taken during basketball games

Page 57 - Pictures of the Baseball team and the Track team.

Page 58 - Pictures of the H-Club and information on the athelete's

Page 59 - Pictures of the G. A. A. - Girls' Athletic Association.

Page 60 - Pictures of the Pep Club.

Page 61 - Pictures of the Band.

Page 62 - Pictures of the singing groups:  Nonettes, Eight Teens,
                    Heidelettes, Four Counts, and the Choir.

Page 63 - Pictures of the Drama Club and info on their plays.

Page 64 - Pictures of various clubs:  The Library Club, Junior Red
                    Cross, Future Teachers of America, and the
                    German-American Club.

Page 65 - Pictures of the Service Clubs:  the Office Assistants,
                    Assembly Committee, Ticket Committee, and the

Page 66 - Pictures taken in the boys' dorm.

Page 67 - Pictures taken in the girls' dorm.

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